Just Call Me Ms. TOMATO HEAD!!!

OK, so Andrea was in charge of drawing caricatures of us....

Hers makes her look 20 years old!!!

Mine makes me look like a tomato with eyes and hair!
(No, this isn't the original...but I still look like a tomato)

She kept saying.... it's suppose to be a CARICATURE!!! Your features are SUPPOSE to be exaggerated!!! THANKS, BUT NO THANKS!!! Since I have the final say because I turn them into digital ... some of those chins bit the dust! GONE! (oh that it were that easy, right?)  But THREE!!! COME ON!!! No one wants to see that, right? One and a half is plenty to see!

I came up with a link picture...you can see it on the left.  If you decide you want to help us out...PLEASE DO!  You can post it to your blog as a link to http://www.digitaldesigndivas.com/

OK, I'm tired again...take care and GOOD NIGHT!

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