More of the Same, Only Different

Yesterday I started this page....the top part only....then I got kinda bored and stopped....

Yesterday I punched out the oval from a piece of cardstock and used the hole as a template to draw the oval onto the watercolor paper.  NOT the best answer!  After I drew and painted everything inside the ovals I filled in the black background and I did a really lousy job of going around the ovals with the black marker!  So, today I did it differently.  I used the piece that was punched out and drew around it with the marker first, then did all the drawing and painting.  WAY better!

And that's why we practice right?



Cool Note Taking App!

Much has happened since last I wrote..... And now starts my list of excuses for not posting in a while....

- I took a little mini vacation to a friend's house
- My iPad stopped charging!!! so I had to go to the apple store for diagnosis since they wanted to charge me $70 for a phone call consult!!!  NOT!!  Thankfully, it is still under warranty so the replacement charger cable was free.
- I have been trying more new apps out... My app Drawing Folder now looks like this!  So many choices, how does one choose just one?