Rubber Stamp SALE!!!

Today I start to clean out the piles and piles of stamps I have collected over the years!  I was a StampinUp! demonstrator for several years and I thought I had to have them all!  Well!  Most never even got put together!  The ones that were mounted rarely, if ever, got used!  Its like everything else, I like the "getting", not so much the "using".

So, now, if I ever hope to move I have got to start finding the floor again!!!  I could fill up a walk-in closet of just stamps, if I were that organized!

ANYWAY, if you click       HERE,

it will take you to the beginnings of my list.  I only have 22 sets available right is a LOT of work to just get them into my computer room and scanned!!

I am so sorry for the archaic way I'm having to do it... I don't have Web developer software anymore so I'm amazed I got anything out there!!!  I feel like I'm working with two left feet!  I have done all I can think of to actually display a picture on the list page but it will not do it!!!  I'm sorry but you'll have to click on the name to actually see the stamps.

I promise to keep adding to the list as quickly as possible, (if I see that people are even looking at the list!).

Please understand, some things may not get taken off the list immediately when someone orders if two of you order the same set before I can make updates, the first one will get it.  I will email that info to you.

2 Response to "Rubber Stamp SALE!!!"

  1. scrapcat 1 says:
    May 10, 2010 at 4:36 AM

    Good luck with your sale Nancy, why don't you try ebay to sell them you might get more exposure?

  2. nancybabb says:
    May 10, 2010 at 7:55 AM

    Hey Tracy,

    Thanks! I thought I'd try this first, just to see if it would work...ebay is next. Trying to avoid the fees, but it might not be worth it. I was hoping with all the blog hop traffic I might see more people. This is just a test.

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