Shhhhh...I have a secret! .... But I can't tell ....

Well... OK, I can tell, but I can't show....

I just wanted to give you guys a little update on Andrea's stamps.  I CAN NOT WAIT to be able to show you what we have so far!!!  Right this minute I have 34, ready to sell, stamps!  WHOOHOO!!!  But I can't!  She has lived with some of these characters since the 70s and they are her babies!!!  Everyone has a name ( most that I can't pronounce!)  They go from just plain weird (I think those are from her drugs in the 70s!!!) to some absolutely precious/beautiful fairies!  And, of course, there had to be a girl with tatoos.

Some are hilarious!  She showed me a couple that she came up with last night that I couldn't stop laughing over.    There has got to be something that you like in all that she has so far...the varity is amazing.  All are totally unique characters.

But back to them being her babies... she wants to talk to her lawyer first to make sure her "terms of use" page is written correctly... AND then there's the whole issue of how the heck to sell them!  I know there's a website required but we want to do that right I hate to tell you.... but this was just a teaser. 

Well...ok, maybe just a touch of a few...

I would start making cards with some to give you a look but I'm going out of town for a week!  SORRY!  I want to start playing!  But, a "suddenly" came up sooooo, I'm off. 

Take care all, and I'll see you in about a week.

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