Places for FREEBIES!!!

Thought I'd share a couple websites that have TOTALLY FREE digital stuff...

The first is:

Digital Scrapbook Experts:

Every day you get an email with a link to that day's FREEBIE.  I was a little bit afraid to sign up at first because I didn't want to suddenly find I was suppose to pay for something!  But, I have been signed up two months now and haven't paid a penny!  They have a different theme pack every month and you get a part of that pack every day.  One day it might be part of the alphabet, the next a label, then back to more of the alphabet.  Definitely worth signing up if you want to play with digis.

Example: this is two different things, background paper pack that was an "extra" and the numbers are from one of the daily downloads

The next one is:

You can get all kinds of free digi stuff there!  This is the Freebie link for Daisie Company, a great site for printable boxes, can wraps, candy wraps and such... but, there is no purchase required for the free stuff! 

I got the two yellow "papers" on yesterday's Oatmeal and OJ card from here ... they were in a pack of 44 background papers!  FREE!

Example of freebie:    this is a whole set of matching can and candy wraps

If you know of any more PLEASE SHARE!

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