OK! First Blog Post!

I have created this blog in order to share some of the experiments I have done with CorelPaint.... and whatever else I might play around with in the future. I also sell diecuts (hence, the name) so I will most definitely be using those in future posts. But today its about

digital coloring...

I have used CorelDraw since version one...but never really used CorelPaint much...mostly just to resize and crop. ...so I decided I would expand my horizons and try "coloring" with CP. I have a house full of rubber stamps but never use them because you are limited to the size they are. And too, when I create something I want to be able to make dozens of them and don't usually have time for the "one-at-time" plan. I want to be able to print out dozens at a time...and use the results on cards, or stickers, or shirts, or, or.... you get the point.... If you know me at all I'm all about making LOTS of something at one time... like the 300 valentines cards we made for the orphanages this year. Nope, coloring one at a time just doesn't work for my needs!

I have to say, this first post was far more interesting when I first wrote it because I included pictures of something I "colored" last night.. VERY VERY CUTE... but, I checked with the artist before actually putting this "out there" and found out that I had broken her copyright rule of not using software to color. HECK!!! VERY disappointing!

Sooooo... Rule #1. READ THE COPYRIGHT RULES! Everyone has their own and they can be different.

There are tons of sites out on the web that sells line art so ... let the shopping begin! I will be back when I find something I can actually share with you.

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  1. Misty says:
    March 13, 2010 at 1:31 AM

    Too funny! I did the same thing today with a really really cute bunny head that I made into a cutout pin. After the fact, I said....hmmmm where did I get that pic? Sure enough I found it and read their rules and I can't post it either. Heck is right! And mine is adorable. Oh well, I had fun making it.

  2. My Father's Hands says:
    March 15, 2010 at 12:44 PM

    Well send me a copy! I want to see!

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