Digital Stamps, How many ways???

Or, "Party On-The-Fly"

I bought several precious digital stamps from Christy Croll (link to the right) week before last and have been wanting to see how many things I could do with them since... But, it has been a busy couple of weeks and I needed to go ahead and take the pictures of what I have done so far because there are things I made that won't last much longer!  There are real cupcakes and faux marshmallow ones that are going to start attracting ants if I don't get them out of here soon!  So, there are only a few things here, but you get the idea.

In the photo:

  • flower pot w/ vinyl version of the stamp

  • small gift cards (boxed in the striped boxes, from one of my dies... for party favors

  • the BLACK envelopes are closed with a round label using the stamp.  The envelopes were also a die... VERY exciting because I LOVE Black and White and couldn't find black paper to make envelopes until last week!  WHOOHOO!!!

  • ceramic tile w/ stamp 
In the pot:

  • I printed the flowers from a font (?) I have and stuck a Hershey kiss to the center.

  • The little cupcakes in the pot are made of marshmallows dipped in the melting chocolates you find at Michaels.... then wrapped them with printed paper strips.... actually, I cut the marshmallow in half, cut a little bit of the side off of one piece to make it smaller, then stuck the marshmallow back together so the top is now bigger than the bottom
  • The squiggles are 1/4" tubes of fabric with a large pipe cleaner inside then twisted around my finger.
The cool part is that the only thing I had to buy besides the digital stamp was the cupcakes! (I don't do cooking)... Well, that and the black paper, but I would have gotten that anyway!  TOO EXCITED about the black paper!
Just so you know, I didn't actually have a party, I made it all for the photo, and my personal challenge.

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